Jun 06
NEW Bushranger VLI Lights

Bushranger® Night Hawk 9” VLI Series LED Driving Lights have been developed from the ground up and offer a truly unique design which takes performance, looks and usability to a whole new level.

The bold, modern aesthetic incorporates clever cooling ducts which channel cool air directly over the heatsink to greatly increase the heat dissipation of the LED’s. The Advanced Temperature Control System takes advantage of the superior cooling design to run the LED’s at their maximum potential by monitoring and adjusting the output according to the environment.

These lights are so bright, we’ve also incorporated a brightness control function, which allows complete control of the light intensity in conditions where too much light can be detrimental to clear vision. The brightness is controlled by our pioneering, relay-free VLI Series Wiring System, which is the first of its kind and leads the way with simpler wiring, easier installation, more user control and greater reliability over traditional systems.

Each light is supplied with two protective covers which allow the user to change the beam pattern quickly and easily. With the spot protective cover fitted, the light projects a clean, focused spot beam pattern which reaches extreme distance; great for highway driving. Clip on the flood protective cover and the light changes significantly to a wide, flood beam pattern which illuminates all the surroundings for excellent short to medium distance vision.

Bushranger® Night Hawk lights are engineered tough to withstand the rugged outdoor terrain and harsh climate experienced down under. They are backed by a 5 year warranty to ensure peace of mind and optimum performance for years to come.

VLI Lights.JPG

Recently the VLI Series lights took out the No.1 spot in 4×4 Australia Magazine’s, LED Driving Light Comparison Test. Up against the top 10 lights in the market, Bushranger Night Hawk 9” VLI Series LED Driving Lights came out on top. If you’re in the market for some new driving lights, the 16-page article is worth a read. You’ll be sure to learn a thing or two about LED lighting and get the most from your set up. [April 2019, 4×4 Australia]

These lights are truly the next level in terms of installation, brightness, distance, and spread. Don't take our word for it though! Here is what 4X4 Australia had to say:

"The light pattern with the standard spot cover is superbly bright over long distances, and it combines with one of the better wide-angle spreads over short and medium distances. Plus it’s devoid of annoying, patchy shadows. The clip-on cover (as much as they often tend to reduce light output) transforms this light into something akin to an LED light bar with an incredibly wide, strong beam. There are still no patches or shadows, and it casts a decent distance beam – not as concentrated or bright as the spot, but totally useable in its own right and potentially perfect when combining one spot and one spread beam.

The Night Hawks are priced in the middle of the pack, making this formidable driving light near unbeatable when combining specifications, inclusions and potential pairing with spot and wide beams."