Mar 05
New Mid-Height Drawers

Mid-Height Drawers.jpg


One vehicle set up can differ greatly from the next, which is why choice is becoming more important than ever before. Introducing ARB's new mid-height drawer. Sitting at a comfortable 105mm, it slots in between the low-height (75mm) and the full-height drawers (215mm), giving customers all the options for their packing needs.

Complementing the current drawer range, the mid-height drawers are available in 945mm, 1045mm and 1355mm lengths which accomodates the full range of vehicles ARB services currently and will bolt in seamlessly.

The mid-height drawers have plenty of space for essential ARB accessories such as the snatch strap, weekender recovery kit, personal first aid kit and coffee mugs. The drawers feature an anti-rollback system that locks the drawers in their fully open position to stop unintentional closing and an anti-rattle system that locks the drawer and floor to eliminate movement while closed.

The roller floor allows quick access to everything on top of the drawer like a fridge, and similar to the drawer component it features aluminium drawer runners to reduce wear.

Come in and see us in store to find out more about this great new option for your vehicle!