Feb 25

There's little doubt that the traditional farm jack is a handy piece of equipment to have when you're driving off road. You can use it to move your vehicle out of awkward situations, lifting vehicles to fill in voids beneath the tires or even as a bead breaker when you have to make a tire repair.

But, as we all know, farm jacks can be dangerous. They're inherently unstable and there are countless YouTube videos of users getting injured from a rogue handle or getting their hands caught between the handle and the body of the jack.

With this problem in mind, ARB's team of engineers was determined to come up with a better solution to the unsafe farm jack problem. The focus was to design a safer and easier mechanical jack whilst being lighter and more compact. 

Introducing Jack.
ARB has reinvented the mechanical farm jack using state-of-the-art design, engineering and materials. 
  • Quick release height adjustment to suit different vehicles and conditions
  • A wide rotatable foot that provides a stable base and preferred orientation for use on uneven ground
  • An ergonomically designed handle that can be operated in confined spaces
  • Overload protection so as not to exceed working load limit
  • Quick and safe lowering in case of unintended side movement
  • A safety stop on the lowering lever 


The ARB Jack's extruded aluminum body has a unique teardrop shape for added strength and a hard anodized finish for excellent corrosion resistance. Jack's black nitride military grade shaft is also extremely corrosion resistant, preventing damage to oil seals. 
ARB Jack vs 48" Mechanical Jack
  ARB Jack 48-in Mechanical Jack
Minimum lifting height: 160mm 115mm
Maximum lifting height: 710-1,230mm 946mm
Travel: 540-550mm 831mm
Lifting range: 160-1,230mm 115-946mm
Maximum capacity: 2,000kg 1,050kg
Compreessed height: 890mm 1,238mm
Extended height: 1,432mm 1,238mm
Weight: 10.5kg 12.7kg
Lift per stroke: 13mm varies
JACK is compliant with the following standards and regulations:
  • AS/NZ 2693 - 2007
  • ASME B 30.1 - 2015